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Knowledgeable Florida attorneys assist with all aspects of the probate process

Taking on the probate process is a big responsibility, and the probate shepherd — the person who has been appointed the executor or administrator of the estate— has many duties that must be completed. At Komninos Law Firm, PA in Tampa, we assist clients in the Tampa area in all stages of the probate administration process and have an extensive knowledge of applicable laws. We understand how stressful these matters can be and will work to resolve them with as little complication as possible. Whether you need help collecting assets, responding to creditors or communicating with beneficiaries, we will give you all the tools you need to successfully probate your loved one’s estate.

Skilled counselors use high quality experts and resources to efficiently probate estates

Probate is the court-supervised process used to manage and distribute a person’s estate after death. Essentially, probate is about finding a person’s assets, locating his/her beneficiaries, settling debts and distributing whatever property remains. Unless the estate qualifies for simplified probate or for summary administration, the process can be lengthy, complex and expensive. Often, this means bringing in experts to appraise, locate and properly manage assets while probate is ongoing. We have years of experience and will develop the best strategies to probate any estate efficiently and effectively.

Experienced law firm assists with locating beneficiaries

Personal representatives are obligated to identify and locate all potential beneficiaries. Once beneficiaries are located, they must be given notice of the probate proceeding and of their right to appear. Locating potential beneficiaries is not always easy, and certain legal requirements must be met to show a good faith effort was made to find and serve notice of the probate proceedings on each one. We understand what the law demands and will ensure all requirements are fully satisfied.

Dedicated advocates oversee asset collection and management during probate

Locating, collecting and distributing assets are some of the primary duties a personal representative has, and it can take quite a bit of time and energy. Identifying probate assets and then obtaining control of them may require taking physical possession of or transferring the property from the deceased to the estate. Transferring assets to the estate, particularly financial accounts, often necessitates opening up new accounts in the estate’s name. This gives the personal representative access to funds to pay expenses associated with probate, including creditor claims. We know how to streamline collecting and managing assets and will help you complete this key part of the probate process.

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